About GBX                     

GBX means Global Bullet Xchange. We're an international Gaming Community,
with the GameLink System we provide Game Events in every Game.
Your personal Gameslist will be matched with other Members and if there will be an Event created
for a Game from your List you'll be notified about it and can join the Event (if you like to).
For Every Game Event and Event-Time there will be a Teamspeak Channel automatically created.

The Outfit startet as Planetside 2 Outfit on Ceres and in December 2013 we started the GBX Community, which means that we're now open for all Games.
If you want to join this large community just sign up for membership.
You'll get an e-mail when we accepted your request.

You need to follow these Steps to become a Member of the GBX Gaming Community:
1. Sign Up and wait till your Account is accepted or ask in the Chat/Game for an Invitation-Key from an GBX-Member.
2. Register in the Forums and fullfill your Profile there
3. Fullfill your Profile on gbx-outfit.com and add atleast 2 Games to your GameList in the GameLink-System

If you're unsure about joining us, have a look at some of our Planetside 2 Outfit-Trailers: